True Moon Yoga Weekly Classes

Join Ally in person at Renegade Retreats Yoga Weekly!


12:00PM – Ashtanga Vinyasa


08:30AM – Active Flex Flow

12:00PM – Ashtanga Vinyasa


6:00AM – Ashtanga Vinyasa


09:30AM – Active Flex Flow


10:00AM – Yin

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Ashtanga with Ally

Ashtanga with Ally

This workshop is an in depth look at the Ashtanga primary series. We will explore the sequence with modifications to meet the specific needs of the practitioner. Customizing and incorporating additional postures to address the whole person, making the practice available to everyone. We strive to create a harmonious balance in mind and body, aiding in optimal health.

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Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga has become increasingly popular. This practice is the stillness counterpart to the yang practices like ashtanga, vinyasa, and 26&2. Yin Yoga invites students to find stillness in our fast-paced world. Whether you are getting started or building on foundational knowledge, this 20-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training certification program provides a fulfilling immersion into this practice, its history, philosophy, and much more.

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Trauma Sensitive YOga

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

This continued education weekend is a comprehensive trauma-­sensitive yoga program designed to provide the instruction and tools you need to understand trauma at a deeper level helping to guide your clients (or students) toward greater healing. Over the course of 2 days, practitioners and teachers will investigate: what is trauma, how trauma impacts the brain and the nervous system, and how yoga and other somatic movement can release old traumas. Through lecture, self-inquiry, group discussion, group activities, practice teaching, trauma-informed yoga, breathing, and relaxation exercises participants will develop the knowledge, practical application skills, and understanding necessary to offer trauma-informed yoga classes to a variety of populations of trauma survivors in a safe and effective manner. After completion of this training you will receive a trauma sensitive yoga teacher certification through Yoga Alliance Continued Education.

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